The Story

Technosys, founded in the year 2000 , experienced from the development of Customized Software Packages , ERP for Hahnemann Publishing Co. Private Ltd. , HR & Payroll Accounting for Godrej Sara Lee LTD and Total Branch Automation Software for Co-Operative Banks namely Mugberia Central Co-operative Bank Ltd, Tamluk Ghatal Cental Co-operative Bank Ltd, Birbhum District Central Co-operative Bank Ltd, Murshidabad District Central Co-operative Bank Ltd,Nadia District Central Co-operative Bank Ltd .

This customized Software development process is a unique way of understandings users actual requirement , shaping up the model through systematic process, and landing it in a fact.


The Process can be categorized as follows :-

Its a Learning Process for the both the Developers and the users.

Customized Software development is unique in every aspect . It’s uniqueness , in fact is that , that the previously used project management is now obsolete and the transformation of the software is now into users’ hands so as to quickly adapt the requirements to a specific measure and getting it incorporated with features .

In the Whole development Process we learn to sketch the requirements ,

 Observe and Describe different stages ,for setting up the the entire project. Thus we try to learn and paint the real time requirements , and finally derive into the – Execute part of the development processThe benefits of custom software come with a long-term commitment..

We jointly work share our clients methodology into a executable format and maintain the proper balance between requirement and functional usage , so that ultimately we have a solution that helps our users to explore with ease. 

Benefits of customized software comes with a long-term commitment and relationship between the vendors and the clients.